Markdown manual

This is the manual for the Markdown markup language.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that is easy to write, easy to read, and relatively easy to convert to nice HTML.

Markdown is a good tool for creating content for responsive websites. It offers enough expressive power to produce the content you usually want, yet simply doesn't allow users to deal with too much fine detail that would ultimately degrade the look of the content.

Markdown can be conveniently used as an article editor, but also as an editor for other non-article content. Incidentally, this guide is also written in Markdown.

The original Markdown was invented by Mr. John Gruber in 2004 1 A popular extension by Mr. Michel Fortin brought new features to Markdown, such as writing tables. 2

The Markdown described in this manual is Fortin's extended Markdown with a few modifications. The differences will be brought to your attention.

The source code for this manual is open and available at If you find an error or inaccuracy in the text, or get an idea for extending the documentation, feel free to share it with the author of the manual.

  1. Pages about the original Markdown can be found at↩︎

  2. Information about the expanded Markdown can be found at↩︎